My Keto Journey 

The Diagnosis

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Diabetic?! Who me?? Well I have asked my self over and over again “how did I get here?” What made me start a keto diet? In order to tell you that I need to start a few years back. ⠀

While I was driving to Tennessee from Indiana to go to my doctoral retreat, I received a call from my doctors office. I just had some yearly blood work done and i thought she was calling to tell me my vitamin D was off again. But to my surprise she told me my blood glucose level was slightly elevated and wanted to make sure I was fasting when I had my blood drawn. I assured her I was. She said to watch what I ate while I was gone and follow up with her when I got back.⠀

I was driving thinking to myself how did that happen? Granted I was slightly (60lbs slightly) overweight and I exercised (my brain) so how could this be? Well of course I followed her direction and watched what I ate (not really) and went to see her when I returned. Sure as I am writing this I was diabetic. ⠀

Well I trekked along taking my meds and eating the way I wanted and my weight remained the same. BUT I never felt good. You know the kind of good I mean. My joints ached, felt bloated all the time and just icky. The funny thing was, I didn’t realize I felt like this. I thought this was as good as it got. ⠀

I went on like this for about 2 years and in the back of my mind I knew it had to be better. I was following a paleo diet before so maybe that was the answer again. Sadly it wasn’t. While working as a Dean for a major university in Indiana I received an email from my health insurance plan about the medically monitored program to help with diabetes. This was a program that was monitored virtually by a physician, I had a coach I could text at any time with questions, and had an app that would guide me along the way. It was a $5,000 program for a year and I could partake for free! I thought what the heck why not. ⠀

What happened next turned my life around and I will save that for the next time we meet. ⠀

Until then, ⠀

Dr. VW⠀

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