My Keto Journey 

The Beginning

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So I have always had an issue with my weight. Always. I was the husky kid, then the fat teenager, and then the pleasantly pump young lady. The fact that I didn’t exercise didn’t help either. So when I was diagnosed with diabetes I was surprised. Not surprised I was diagnosed but surprised I was surprised.

I went along trying to watch what I ate, after all, I was taking metformin so I was golden. But see, what I haven’t told you is I have a lap band. Since 12/2007. I lost a lot of weight but guess what? Yep, it came back. Seemed like over night too! My sugar levels were not being controlled and what I learned is metformin is not digested when you have a lap band. So I started glipizide and all was well.

Now as a nurse I knew better than to rely on medications alone. Yet old habits die hard and I just let the meds take care of it. I was trekking along, eating what I wanted and taking my meds. And then I was introduced to ketosis by the program while working at the university.

The program had changed my life. Well it did until I fell off the keto stagecoach. More on that next time…

Dr. VW

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